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Father Knows Best: “Stop assuming someone didn't intend to conceive
Our cultural norm says that speculating with people about their sex lives is generally kind of creepy. For the record: I would be just as glad if we didn't make an exception to that norm around the question of whether or not a couple meant to conceive …
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Maybe Baby? 10 ways to boost your fertility if you're trying to conceive in 2014
One in six couples struggles to conceive and in more than 40% of cases the causes are unexplained. If you are planning adding to your family, these simple lifestyle changes could improve your chances of making babies…

Meeting the Cost of Conceiving
Melanie Martin, a surgical nurse in San Diego, said she and her husband cut every corner they could think of to save up enough money to pay for conceiving a child through the technique known as in vitro fertilization. Like most insurance plans, theirs …
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