Like eco wooden houses

How eco wooden houses are a more ecological and economical alternative than traditional brick and concrete houses. Wood is not only part of nature, but its use is beneficial for the environment. These wooden houses are made of natural, non-petroleum based materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, and are also considered eco-friendly.

The wood used in sustainable construction is certified and comes from responsible logging: producers plant new trees for every felled tree. For them, maintaining this balance is important. In addition, building with wood requires less energy, has a lower environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint than conventional construction methods: wood absorbs carbon dioxide. Many investors decide to build HBE houses . These houses use the HBE technology , which is based on the use of glued laminated timber. A house made of glued timber is durable and ecological.

Environmentally friendly energy saving

The ecology behind the prefabricated house technology is energy efficiency. It can be achieved by using the best insulating materials on the market and producing the structure as airtight as possible. A successful home design requires not only aesthetics and comfort, but also the implementation of environmentally friendly practices and achieving energy savings. Through the use of natural materials such as wood, the use of green technologies or the implementation of ecological construction methods, ecology is at the heart of the modern home and is part of a global reflection, which is often accompanied by saving material and financial resources.

Wood is a natural material that does not create thermal gaps and has no thermal inertia, and in combination with ecological natural insulating materials of the latest generation (glass fiber, wood fiber, hemp and sheep wool) it gives high thermal resistance. Due to the method of construction and careful planning, these houses are quicker to build compared to concrete or brick houses. You will save both time and money. The architecture of a wooden house includes several variants of construction concepts and ideas, according to the design of each individual client. The concepts are original and fit well in any environment, be it in the city, on top of a mountain or by the sea. In addition, wood is versatile and the combinations of materials are more numerous compared to a traditional house.

Let’s not forget about wooden elements (beams, panels, floors) that give the house a unique charm. Wood is a flexible material, which makes wooden houses more resistant to earthquakes. In addition, this material is subjected to various treatments that make it resistant to weather conditions. Additionally, sandwich beams have the highest fire resistance, retaining their load-bearing capacity longer than steel and concrete. The proof are wooden houses and other wooden structures that have survived several generations. Glued laminated timber houses are made of the best quality beams.

With ecology for your brother

In the last decade, organic products have become fashionable as people try to be kinder to the environment and also to their wallets. However, some people go beyond solar panels on the roof or a hybrid car. Instead, they pulled all the punches in the name of green living and built some truly innovative homes that are entirely or mostly made of natural and environmentally friendly materials. The possibilities of using materials for the construction of wooden houses are endless. Wood and stone are obvious examples, but recycled glass bottles and car tires are also great for insulation.

Houses made of logs look phenomenal. The advantage of this system is that the thickness of the wood acts as a great regulator of humidity and interior temperature. Square logs can be used which fit better together. The walls in Canadian homes contain a material that not only insulates from outside noise but also helps to maintain a constant temperature: it can be rock wool, lamb wool, recycled cotton, etc., they are all eco-friendly materials with zero petroleum substances. The materials used for finishing can be any, from pressed wood materials, through natural and artificial stone, and roof tiles. It is essential to design the house taking into account the climate and the environment, as well as the orientation of the site in relation to the movements of the sun throughout the year, the landscape and the winds.

Good consideration of the environmental characteristics of the site not only improves the comfort of the home by maximizing natural light, but also enables energy savings with appropriate heating systems and carefully considered insulation. Of course, the selection of the plot and the dialogue with the architect will be the most important to ensure that the architecture of the house corresponds to the lifestyle of its inhabitants, that it is well integrated with the surroundings, while respecting the financial constraints of the owner. The construction of wooden houses should be thought out and well planned.

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