What clothes for plus size

What clothes for plus size – regardless of age or weight, clothing should be a woman’s pride and at the same time strengthen her self-confidence. Often, chubby women wear unattractive baggy long sweaters, trying to cover up their curves and folds. It’s a mistake. Each of us has beauty within us, it just needs to be brought out with well-fitting clothes and fashion tricks that always work. Let’s get to know a few ways that will cover up imperfections and highlight the strong points of the figure.

Slim legs worth emphasizing

Slim legs are a big advantage. Especially in the case of the “apple” figure, it is worth displaying them. Plus size pencil skirts look great in any option, both mini above the knee and midi below the knee. They optically slim the figure, and in combination with a loose shirt blouse to the hips and a leather ramones jacket or a “waisted” jacket will look amazing. It is worth having several colors and lengths in your wardrobe for every occasion. Asymmetric skirts or skirts with a large slit on the side or front also look very good on fluffy shapes. In every size, it is worth experimenting with fashion and discovering new styles, going beyond the framework of not necessarily favorable habits.

Just-in-time size

Size matters. Fluffy women notoriously buy clothes that are too big in the belief that a loose outfit will cover this and that. This is not a good move, because clothes that are too big add pounds. When buying clothes for plus size, it is worth focusing on the right cut instead of too big. A figure-appropriate cut will make a woman look sexy and elegant even in size 50. For example , plus size dressesthey are tailored perfectly to specific figures. In the case of a pear figure, a dress with a slightly flared skirt will be a perfect solution. This trick will perfectly emphasize the waist. On the other hand, dresses cut under the bust, creating the effect of a high waist, are perfect for the apple figure. The recently fashionable dresses with the outer flowing transparent capes also work great. Let’s remember – if the cut is properly selected, the size should correspond to the real one, and we will certainly achieve the WOW effect.

Color combination

Fluffy women often avoid colors and mixes of colors. When asked: why do you wear black? They will say that black makes you slimmer. Of course, we will not argue with this theory, but skillfully selected colors can do wonders, visually slimming the figure. So what does skillful mean? There is one most important rule when it comes to colors. We use dark colors for the part of the body that we want to slightly visually modify, while the other elements of the clothing remain lighter. For example, in the case of a large bust, a navy blue blouse and a white or light blue skirt will work well. A sensational move is to put on vertical stripes. It is an eternal hit in covering up imperfections and invariably works great in every situation and occasion. Plus size high waisted trousersin vertical black and white or navy blue and white stripes is the best way to cover up excessive curves. It is worth remembering that in the case of large sizes, it is worth wearing modeling underwear under the clothing , which will restore the proportions of the figure.

Small details will help to hide a little something

If we want to cover up the place in the belly area, let’s wear a blouse or a peplum dress or a pleated dress. If we want to slim the figure, it is worth having high-heeled shoes on hand, and stilettos are ideal. The V-shaped neckline is the eternal friend of a plus-sized woman. Emphasizing the legs, let’s put on a loose sweater and leather-like black leggings. When buying jewelry, choose dangling earrings and impressive pendants on a long thong or long necklaces. These are just some details that can easily change and slim your figure. Just as in finishing the interior of the apartment, details and accessories are important, the same happens in the case of creating clothing styling. The details complement and complement the whole. Such a small thing, but how important!

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself

It is not worth forcing yourself to solutions that we are not convinced of and in which we do not feel good. A friend wearing a size 50 looks great in a red tight dress, and you think to yourself – where does it come from? I don’t look that good in it. Confidence is the key to solving the mystery. She accepts herself as she is and feels like a fish out of water when she emphasizes her femininity. If you don’t feel good in a red dress, but you feel great in jeans and a shirt – then wear jeans and a shirt. Make it plus size skinny pants and a looser plaid shirt worn over a tight T-shirt. If you feel good in such an outfit, the self-confidence emanating from you will add power to the styling and you will certainly look great. However, it is not worth abandoning fashion experiments for good. Sometimes it’s worth trying on something that doesn’t look cool at first glance, and the effect can exceed your wildest expectations.

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