Provence is synonymous with south-eastern France. It is mainly known for its vineyards and lavender fields. As a rule, the Provence style is a cozy, warm style. Relaxation and peaceful atmosphere of the region manifest in every element. He draws inspiration from nature itself, referring to it, as well as from traditions related to the region. Standard furniture for a Provencal interior can cost more due to the material of manufacture. Provence furniture made of solid wood, mainly oak, remains in its natural form or painted in various colors. They combine elegance and simplicity.

Provencal furniture is a breath of fresh air

In true Provence, every piece of furniture is a work of art. Traditionally, white furniture is used in these interiors. Thanks to the use of modern aging techniques, such products do not look worse than antiques. Provence furniture is usually painted in neutral shades of gray or white, and also aged: scratches and chips are decoration, carvings and fittings. Furniture upholstery is equally important: natural fabrics are used here, also in neutral colors. In large rooms, you can arrange full sets of wooden furniture. But if we are talking about a small apartment, it is better to choose several multifunctional items.

Provence furniture is distinguished by spring colors, specific materials and the creation of romantic, elegant and authentic interiors. The main attention is paid to the material from which they are made. Light wood is preferred: walnut, chestnut, ash, oak. It is allowed to use wicker and forged elements.

Chests of drawers, sideboards with legs, chairs with carved elements and various cabinets with many drawers are classic elements of interior design in the Provence style. Upholstery of furniture (sofas, armchairs and poufs) is preferred in muted shades with a colorful pattern. You can add a touch of antiquity to the interior with your own hands by choosing modern but appropriate furniture in Provencal design or industrial furniture. These beliefs are the necessary elements to create this style, as well as wardrobes with doors or mirrors, bedside tables. In a Provence-style bedroom, the bed should be large and comfortable, made of wood or wrought iron, natural or painted.

Bedroom with Provencal style furniture

Forget about a decorative bed in dark shades! The Provencal bedroom is mainly decorated spaciously. Of course, the main feature of this room is the bed, but even here attention is paid to style. The French love comfort and pleasure, but the most important element is the bed. On the other hand, it is designed in harmony with other objects and does not prevail over them. The bed frame is mostly metal or wooden – simple and smooth, decorated with carvings. The shape of the headboard of such Provencal furniture matches the rest. It is usually made of wood with a fabric frame. Decorative elements attached to the wall are also used, only in a slightly different form.

It can be anything that is perceived as decoration. For example, a piece of metal, a stucco decoration, a favorite painting, an interesting wallpaper or a hanging curtain. Furniture in pastel colors goes well with Provence. It gives the interior softness and lightness, they enlarge the space. But, as a rule, not pure shades are used, but multi-component, complex ones. That is, when we say white cabinet or white walls, we mean one of the many options, for example ivory. And of the pastel shades, gray-blue, sandy yellow and powdery roses are popular. The bedside table in ivory color with a brown top and modeled legs looks beautiful. A beautiful long chest of drawers in the same shade with many drawers is a functional piece of furniture that gives the whole arrangement an extraordinary charm.

The bathroom is decorated in the style of Provence

A bathroom in the Provence style is characterized primarily by a standing bathtub (it can be on legs). The bathroom can be enriched with wooden walls, as opposed to classic tiles. All bathroom furniture should match the rustic style. It can be wooden stools and benches with the effect of peeling paint. The color palette of Provencal bathroom furniture includes shades of white, blue and olive with metal details.

Compared to rustic furniture, Provencal style furniture is characterized by bright colors and light fabrics with pleasant floral decorations, which gives you the opportunity to design furniture of your choice. Therefore, you can use light shades in natural colors, such as cornflower blue or yellow.

The living room is equipped with Provencal furniture

In the living room, apart from upholstered furniture in pastel colors, often with floral patterns, a beautiful and decorative glass display case cannot be missing. Such a stylish Provençal piece of furniture is also dressed in shades of yellow, perfectly composing with other furnishings in bright shades. A stylish display case can be made of two types of wood, e.g. ash and birch with delicate abrasions, which emphasizes the features of the French Provence style. A coffee table in the same shades and from the same materials will be the complement. If the living room is also a dining room, you will need a table, preferably with the possibility of unfolding, and chairs constituting a whole. Provence-style furniture, such as chests of drawers, wardrobes, desks, are also made of pine, oak and mahogany wood.

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