Where is the orthopedic surgeon

Are you having problems with your feet? Wondering if you should see an orthopedic surgeon? If so, we have great news for you. Well, especially for you, we have prepared a short guide, from which you will find out, among other things, who an orthopedist is and, above all, where an orthopedist sees them. Ready? If your answer is yes, we encourage you to read on. 

Who is an orthopedist?

As you can easily guess, an orthopedist is a person who has completed medical studies and the appropriate specialization. Contrary to appearances, an orthopedic doctor has very broad competences, because he deals not only with problems and diseases related to walking, but also with the skeletal system, the musculoskeletal system and, above all, taking care of the spine. Therefore, if you feel pressure in your leg or severe back pain, your first step should be to visit a well-qualified orthopedist. Many people have a misconception about orthopedic surgeons that they see an orthopedic surgeon in the same way as a physiotherapist. This is a huge and glaring mistake, which is probably due to the views on the scope of activities of both professions.

What exactly does an orthopedist do?

As we mentioned above, an orthopedist is a doctor who, in a nutshell, deals with the musculoskeletal system. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, we decided to introduce the topic a bit. An orthopedic doctor can be divided into two age groups: a pediatric orthopedist and a classic orthopedist who deals with teenagers and adults. Let’s start with who a pediatric orthopedist is and what his duties are.

Well, in order to become a good orthopedist , you need to complete a specialization in orthopedics and trauma surgery (traumatology) or obtain the title of a pediatric surgeon. Both majors ensure the acquisition of appropriate knowledge and, above all, qualifications to work with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

When it comes strictly to a children’s orthopedist, it should be clearly stated that his services apply to both newborns who develop all kinds of developmental defects, as well as slightly larger children who suffer from diseases and curvature of the spine.

The most common diseases in children include, among others: – cranial structure defects, – craniofacial deformities, – mandibular hypoplasia, – cleft hard palate, – various types of deformations (including deformations of lower or upper limbs, within long bones, hands, feet or fingers).

It is worth realizing that some diseases of the musculoskeletal system are present from the very birth. These types of cases are particularly difficult because the bones of a newborn are extremely delicate, so any kind of rehabilitation must be performed by an excellent specialist. These diseases are often associated with serious neurological complications. The good news is undoubtedly the fact that the disease is detected early has a very good chance of successful treatment. This is why an orthopedic consultation is so important.

A completely different spectrum of problems with the musculoskeletal system is dealt with by an orthopedist who sees adult patients. Adults who visit an orthopedic surgeon are usually people who have suffered various types of injuries and accidents and are trying to return to their former fitness. Some complications acquired as a result of an accident require special care and even surgical intervention. So, if you have had an accident, remember to go to an orthopedic consultation, because it can save you quite a lot of trouble. In addition to treating the effects of accidents, the task of a good orthopedist is also to work with people with disabilities. It is thanks to the constant control of the orthopedist that people who have undergone limb amputations are able to function at such a high level.

Where is the orthopedist admitted?

An orthopedist, like any doctor, can run his own business. We are talking about private offices where treatment and all consultations take place for a fee. In addition, you can also find an orthopedic doctor in the hospital and in the clinic. If, on the other hand, there is no orthopedist in your local clinic, the family doctor is obliged to provide you with an ad hoc consultation and to issue an appropriate referral.

What is a joint arthroplasty

Joint arthroplasty is one of the most frequently performed procedures . Alloplasty is an operation that consists in performing an extremely precise procedure, thanks to which endoprostheses can be adjusted to each patient in an individual way.

As you can see, finding a good orthopedist is a really difficult task, but we hope that thanks to our advice, you will be able to choose your doctor quickly and easily. So if you need to see a specialist, don’t wait any longer.

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