Where to go diving

Where to Go Diving – Diving is a great sport. People who practice this sport will certainly confirm this. However, there are people who are thinking about diving. Many of these people think that diving is a dangerous sport. Of course, diving can be a dangerous sport, but it can also be a sport that we do basically just for recreation.

In fact, whether diving will be a recreation or an activity that will actually involve a certain amount of risk and will be rather an extreme sport, depends on several factors. These factors include, among others, the degree of our training and where we actually want to dive.

Diving training ?

Diving courses for beginner  divers are basically mandatory for anyone who would like to take up this form of activity. If we take such diving courses , then we can be sure that when diving, we will not make basic mistakes that may ultimately put us at great risk. This is extremely important because diving can be a safe sport, which does not change the fact that a person is then in an environment that is extremely unsuitable for him, and in fact, more correctly, we should say that it is a man who is not adapted to the environment in which is in the process of diving.

If we have basic training, then we know how to communicate with diving participants, and above all, we know how to choose water areas, how to assess potential threats and what to do if certain situations occur. Such situations that may occur include, for example, failure of the air apparatus. This does not immediately mean that we will not have anything to breathe, but we must know how to behave in such a situation. The basic thing is fast communication between the participants of the dive. Information that we have a problem will, for example, allow us to use the oxygen apparatus of our colleague or friend. However, if we do not provide such information quickly enough, people who dive with us will not know that we have any problems.

We choose a body of water

The second issue that greatly affects whether we will dive safely or whether it will be less safe is the selection of the right reservoir. In fact, it probably depends on it even more than on the training itself, or at least it is so in some cases. Reservoirs can be very safe or very dangerous, for example, it is considered dangerous to dive in all kinds of shipwrecks, or, for example, in the excavations of old mines or in the places of retention reservoirs that were created in flooded villages. Such diving can be exciting, but it can be very dangerous. On the other hand, we have very safe waters, with fairly warm water, high transparency and basically no underwater threats.

Where to go diving in Poland?

In Poland, we have a lot of places where we can dive and we can do it, of course, in a safe way. In this case, we would like to talk about two such places that are somehow related to each other. First of all, they are not far from each other, but they can offer us a very wide range of diving conditions. These places are Szczecin and Lake Ińsko, located near Szczecin. Some might wonder why Szczecin? Szczecin is located on the Szczecin Lagoon and although it is not a body of water that is classified as an open sea, the conditions that prevail can be very similar to it. Therefore, if we want to dive in the sea, but we are divers with little experience, we can practice diving skills in larger reservoirs in the Szczecin lagoon.

In addition, there is a lake near Szczecin, which we have just mentioned, i.e. Ińsko Lake. Lake Ińsko is considered one of the best lakes in Poland to practice diving in. It is a lake with an area of ​​over 450 hectares and a maximum depth of 41 meters. The water in Lake Ińsko is clear. Visibility in this lake reaches up to 10 m, which creates ideal conditions for diving. If we add that there is an island on the lake itself with an area of ​​​​about 20 hectares, and the lake itself is located in a very picturesque area, because it is surrounded by moraine hills that climb to a height of up to 30 m, it seems to be a really nice place not only for diving, but also to spend a weekend, which may include diving. In addition, an accommodation base has been created near the lake, which will probably be able to meet the requirements of every underwater tourist.

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