How much does cat cremation cost?

How much does cat cremation cost? Losing a pet is a real challenge for a carer. There is absolutely nothing strange about it. Animals are our best friends, family members, and often the closest “people” to our heart. They never judge us. They love us unconditionally. They don’t care how much we have in our wallet or what size of clothes we wear. No wonder we want to say goodbye to them with dignity.

Unfortunately, no matter how much it hurts, we still have to take into account the costs that can kill us and make us even more stressed. How much will we have to pay for all this? How much does cat cremation cost? Where can you bury a cat? How much does a pet cemetery burial cost? We answer all questions and dispel doubts!

How much does it cost to put a cat to sleep? Can you bury a cat in the garden?

Putting a cat to sleep is not only an injection in the clinic, but also cremation in an animal crematorium and burial in a cemetery. It is illegal to bury an animal in your yard around your home. It does not matter whether it is your own property or, for example, a forest or a park. Such a decision can result in a fine of PLN 500 to even PLN 1,000. Why can’t you do it? The body of a pet is very harmful to the environment, but also to other wild animals that might dig it up. That’s why you need to decide how you want to bury your pet. It is worth remembering that our cat does not pass away naturally, but with the help of an injection. This means that the contents of the syringe are still in his body and later in the soil.

The price for cat euthanasia depends on the clinic, the city, the weight of the animal and also the time. Why hours? It is often the case that we make the decision to euthanize “spontaneously”. This is usually the case when the animal is seriously ill, when we notice that it is suffering. Appearing at the clinic, e.g. on weekends or in the evening or even at night, is usually paid extra. The injection itself for a cat costs from PLN 30 to PLN 50, but this is not the end. You should add to this from 100 to even several thousand zlotys.

Cat cremation – how much does it cost? Cremation of animals – individual or collective?

After the injection, it is of course necessary to cremate the cat. Here you as the owner have two options: individual or group cremation of animals . Depending on which method you choose, the costs will vary. Mass cremation is cheaper. Why? Because in collective cremation, the bodies of several animals are burned at once, and the ashes are placed in one common urn and buried in a grave. This means that you cannot make a burial on your own. It is impossible to “recover” the ashes of one of the animals later. The burial is already handled by the veterinarian office. Group cremation of animals costs from PLN 100 to PLN 300.

In the case of individual cat cremation, only one animal is cremated. After incineration is complete, the decision is up to the owner. He can keep the ashes or arrange a burial. The prices are much higher now. They start at PLN 300 and end at PLN 800. Of course, the bigger the cat, the higher the cost.

Cat burial. Where to bury a dead cat?

Where should a cat’s body, or rather its ashes, be buried? If you choose individual cremation, you can do whatever you want with your pet’s ashes. You have several options to choose from: a pet cemetery, an urn or a more unusual keepsake. Most people choose to be buried in a pet cemetery. There are more and more of them in Poland, so you certainly won’t have to go far. Just look for a place like this in your area. You can visit your furry friend anytime.

The pet cemetery is also an additional cost. We checked the price list for you. The price depends on the size of the animal. Small animals up to 10 kilograms cost about PLN 300-400, those under 40 kilograms cost about PLN 400-500, those over 40 kilograms cost PLN 500-600. Annual maintenance of the burial site, i.e. the so-called the care fee is PLN 80-100. To this you can, but do not have to, add a fee for stonemasonry services, i.e. a tombstone. The price range of monuments is really large because the cheapest costs about PLN 150, and the most expensive is even over PLN 5,000.

In addition to burial in the cemetery, you can also choose something else. There are many companies that offer the creation of a decorative urn, paw print jewelry or jewelry from ashes or pet fur. This is a nice option for those people who are looking for something different, individual and a bit “unusual”. Of course, no one defends combining a burial at a pet cemetery with the creation of such a souvenir in the form of jewelry. The choice is ultimately yours. Choose what will allow you to commemorate your pet in the best way for you.

As you can see, the costs are quite high. The larger the animal, the higher the price for cremation. Of course, this is a difficult time for all family members, so it’s worth planning ahead and putting aside the necessary funds to do everything exactly as you want.

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